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Holistic Therapies with Myrthe Wieler

My name is Myrthe Wieler and I have studied various massage modalities over the last 18 years including holistic, sports & Hawaiian massage. My treatments can be relaxing and restoring or deep tissue and invigorating, depending on what you need. In all of my treatments I try to always maintain an element of relaxation, to promote your general wellbeing.

"When you touch one thing with deep awareness, you touch everything."

~ Lao Tzu

My Philosophy

Our bodies tell us so much about ourselves if we can stop to listen. It will tell us if we have any dysfunction or 'blocks' on  physical, emotional and mental levels. Massage therapy is an excellent way to release and re-educate your neuromuscular system and my background in Sports and Remedial massage will help facilitate your body's ability to heal.​Our body also processes mental and emotional stress and will deposit that in our body in the form of pain, dysfunctions, blocked movement and energy. So if we stop… stop and listen our body will also tell us if we are neglecting our own needs and if we are allowing our boundaries to be stepped over. It will tell us if we are disconnected from ourselves and it will tell us if we stopping ourselves from expressing our authentic self.

After 18 years of working with massage to relieve pain and discomfort in the body I have also learnt that massage can help to reignite the pathways of communication between your physical, emotional and mental bodies. With massage we can help to bring your body and mind into the present moment and we can release trauma from the body. My aim is to provide you with a safe space where together we can encourage your own natural ability to heal yourself.

The no pain no gain mentality is no longer needed. It should "where attention goes – energy flows!"


All sessions are 60-70 minutes long and costs €70 per session.

For regular clients – pay just €30 for every fourth visit (€60 per session)

Mixed Modality Massage – Holistic

In this hour session you will receive a massage that is tailored for your needs. I will incorporate all modalities that I have studied over the years – adapting the treatment to best suit your needs. You can expect a combination of one or more of the following treatments: Holistic Massage, Sports & Remedial Massage, Hawaiian Massage, Indian Head Massage and Reflexology.


This massage will be solely focused on relaxation of the body and mind. Using classical Swedish and holistic massage techniques, aroma oils and soothing music this will be an hour to unplug and relax. 

Sports / Remedial Massage

Remedial massage works intensively with deep tissue massage and mobilisation techniques on localised areas of your body. Covering both muscular and skeletal dysfunctions, including, sprains, RSI, fibrositis, spondylitis, arthritis, frozen shoulder, muscular cramps, whiplash, muscular atrophy, sports and dancing injuries etc.

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Check out what clients say

Myrthe is excellent and I would highly recommend. Had a wonderful massage while staying at Hagal Farm and she is very knowledgeable and knows her stuff 🙌

Maura – August 2021

I visited Myrthe a few times while on holiday in Bantry due to extreme unexplained head, shoulder, neck pain. A recommendation from a local holistic business in town proved very fortuitous. Had I not been able to benefit from Myrthe's exceptional skills I wouldost certainly have had to cut my holiday short. She is wonderfully experienced and I felt totally confident in her very capable and sure hands. Thanks so much Myrthe

Siobhan – July 2021

Wonderful treatment with myrthe she is an amazing therapist, feel rejuvenated after my treatment. Highly recommend

Yvonne – July 2021

I have been going to Myrthe for over 10 years and she has really grown as a therapist in this time. She has a natural ability to sense what I need when I go to see her, both in the style of treatment and in the conversation we have. I always leave feeling relaxed, grounded and more connected. It is a wonderful treat and I cannot recommend her enough.

Rachel – 2019


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Coomleagh, Mealagh Valley

Bantry, Co.Cork

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A bit more about me

I grew up in Bantry, Co.Cork. My parents set up Hagal Farm in the Mealagh valley – which over the years has been a B&B, Holistic Centre and College.

My mother, Janny Wieler, also set up Bantry's first Holistic Therapy clinic (Anam Cara) which myself and my sister took over for several years.

These days I split my time between doing massage in the Mealagh valley and operating my online business solutions services. For me it's the perfect work balance.